March 2016

Valtronics Donates to Support Officer Training in West Virginia

  • Jane Winters, JCCF & Lance Morrison, Chief RPD

    Jane Winters, JCCF & Lance Morrison, Chief RPD

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Wednesday, March 30 2016 – A press conference was held at City National Bank in Ripley, WV announcing grants offered from the Community Foundation of Jackson County to multiple recipients in the Jackson County, WV area.  Among the recipients was the City of Ravenswood Police Department receiving a total of $13,430 to help purchase a Use of Force Simulator to allow simulated real world training scenarios that increase awareness, perception, and decision making skills critical to preserving life and increasing safety of officers and community.  Chief of Police, Lance Morrison, of the Ravenswood Police Department received the grant after applying and collaborating with other departments to maximize benefits across the state. In addition to the City of Ravenswood Police Department, the City of Ripley Police Department, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, and the West Virginia State Police Department will benefit from the simulator.

Morrison communicates that “there aren’t many options for real world training” and the simulator – where multiple scenarios are played on a large screen that allows simulated firearm use with recoil to mimic physical experiences – will allow users to discern which method of force is best for the situation.  Morrison hopes the simulator will also be a tool for a proposed Citizens Police Academy for the Ravenswood community.

Jane Winters, Executive Director of The Community Foundation of Jackson County, states, “we couldn’t fully fund this” and support of community donations from Valtronics and other businesses and community members made this possible.  Valtronics donated through the Adopt-a-Cop program to support the simulator and safety across the community and we look forward to hearing about progress with the program.

To learn more about the Community Foundation of Jackson County contact Executive Director, Jane Winters, at 304-372-4500 or

Local Treasures – Henderson Hall Plantation

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If you’re visiting us here at the Valtronics headquarters in Ravenswood, WV, you’ll want to take some time to explore the local Oil & Gas history that surrounds the Mid-Ohio Valley.  My family had the chance to visit a local gem this week that has a long line of history not only in Oil & Gas, but the country as a whole.

Henderson Hall Plantation, in beautiful Williamstown, WV – north of the Valtronics office and an easy drive from the Wood County airport and many hotels you may be residing on your stay – is an amazing piece of history that shouldn’t be missed.  From ties with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, the Blennerhassetts and so many more historical interests to letters detailing a battle at Burning Springs and multiple Adena indian mounds on the property – the rich history is fascinating to revisit as you walk through the museum.  You’ll see so many items unique to all ages that were saved from the Henderson family through multiple eras of history: furniture, toys, books, the horse scales and an old barn foundation (housing the breeding stud of famous trotting horse Cassius Clay), a whiskey still, farm equipment,  schoolhouse, and too many more fascinating items to list.

Among the vast oil & gas history from the area, an oilfield was developed on the 25,000 acre Henderson farm in the 1890’s – one of the first in the region – which you can learn more about from their website here: and on your visit.  As you make your way back to the office, stop by the Oil & Gas Museum in Parkersburg – now owners of the Henderson Hall Plantation – for more rich local history.

For a full list of local attractions, see our visitors‘ page.  Have you visited one of these unique locations?  Stop in and tell us about it!

Flow Conditioning

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Here is an interesting photograph of the upstream section of a 12 inch ultrasonic meter run – one of several meter settings fabricated in the Valtronics Solutions’ Fab Shop – prior to flow calibration.  This shows a flow conditioner and the smooth inside surface of specially honed pipe used for high performance custody transfer meter runs.

Directional changes of pipe throughout the meter setting cause turbulence and swirl which may cause inaccuracies during flow measurement.  A flow conditioner, with a precisely engineered design, conditions the flow profile of the gas for the most accurate measurement.

The complete meter setting and accompanying equipment is designed, fabricated, and tested in accordance with AGA and other applicable industry and company standards and guidelines, all to assure maximum accuracy and reliability when accounting for millions of dollars of natural gas at sales and interconnect points.

For more information on meter setting design, fabrication, and flow conditioning, contact a sales rep with Valtronics today.


WV EXPO 2016

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Find Valtronics next Wednesday and Thursday – March 23rd and 24th – at the 37th Annual West Virginia Construction and Design Exposition at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, WV.  Talk to one of our sales reps at Booth # 306.

For full details and to register for seminars, visit  Admission is free.

Spring Gas Conference & Expo 2016

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Join us March 14-16 in Columbia, SC for the annual SGA conference.  SGA offers training and collaboration within the natural gas industry.  The exhibition will be held at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.  To discover more, visit: .

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