July 2016

AGMSC 2016

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Find Valtronics and the Mustang Sampling Mobile Training Lab August 1st – 4th at the 2016 American Gas Measurement Short Course – Robert Morris University in Moon Township, PA.  Talk to one of our sales reps at Booth # 1708 and be sure to visit the outdoor exhibition space for hands-on training.

For full details, class schedules, and to register for the event, visit http://www.agmsc.org/.  Registration will also be available at the event.

Large capacity Control Valve Skid

  • Bi-Directional Control Valve Setting

    Bi-Directional Control Valve Setting

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This large capacity bi-directional control valve skid with parallel runs, bypass, and OPP is one part of a large meter setting project.  One direction is feeding local production into a transmission system.  The alternate direction will feed a power generating station.

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DeZURIK Valve Installation

  • DeZURIK Valve Installation

    DeZURIK Valve Installation

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  • DeZURIK Valve

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Valtronics recently installed multiple valves with automated electric motors that will allow operators to run the filter backwash process from the control room, about 200′ away.  Previously operators had to leave the control room and manually run the filter backwash using 6 different stations within the filter room for numerous valves throughout the plant.

This new setup is fully automated and they don’t have to take their eyes off of the rest of the plant to complete the process on multiple valves every 8-10 hours.  Not only does this allow operators to focus on more pertinent processes continuously throughout the day, their tasks become more efficient – saving time and money.

Interested in similar solutions?  Contact a Valtronics Sales rep today!

WV Flood Relief

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Valtronics employees are helping with WV flood relief this 4th of July weekend as well as taking items donated from employees and Valtronics.  Our hearts are with all of those effected by the floods this summer.

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