Valtronics Builds Process Training Unit for West Virginia University

  • Process Training Unit

    Process Training Unit

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Valtronics Solutions has completed the Phase 1 fabrication of a Process Training Unit for West Virginia University Parkersburg campus (WVU-P), designed by Mid-Ohio Valley engineering firm, Pickering and Associates

Process Training Unit

The training unit will provide chemical process control students with hands-on dynamic equipment to help them fully understand real-time measurement and control such as pressure, flow, level, and temperature utilizing PLC hardware and software. 


The Process Training Unit has been equipped with accessories such as pneumatic and electronic controls which will further enhance the educational experience.


Interested in training units for your staff or educational facility?  Get in touch!

Modular Measurement and Analyzer Systems

  • Modular Skids

    Modular Skids

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Since the 1990’s Valtronics has been a valued supplier of modular fabricated skid and measurement systems including buildings and enclosures.  Our fabrication and integration departments provide quality tested measurement meters and piping, orifice fittings, turbine meters, control valve skids and more.  This is complimented with building systems on skids for analyzer and control buildings  – all of which are monitored for quality control within our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility and staged for delivery to your site, installation provided and commissioning at the most convenient time within the construction phase.


Measurement Building on Skid


Contact us today for details specific to your project.

Where do they all go from here?

  • Analyzer System Site Visit

    Analyzer System Site Visit

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Valtronics Solutions’ integrates quality components from various manufacturers with fabrication and building services as well as our unique enclosures and Mustang Sampling sample conditioning and control features.

After these systems are integrated, where do they end up and why?  One of our component manufacturers had the same question.  We took them on a tour of a customer’s facility to show them how their products are being used.

With multiple applications throughout various industries (including oil and gas, petroleum, liquid, power, chemical, process, and others) one component could have a variety of end-uses.  Some meters measure water, others gas.  Some analyzers are for natural gas, others LNG, others food-grade gas with volatile oils.  Enclosures could be within restrictive areas and others within a residential location.  There are few limitations.

A common end-use location for many of our analyzer enclosures are at natural gas compressor stations. These compressor stations are located at multiple points throughout a pipeline to increase pressure which facilitates gas flow through the line.  Gas quality is precisely monitored for components such as BTU content, oxygen, hydrocarbons, and, as shown here, H2O levels.


To achieve this quality, clients request analyzer systems comprised of one or more sample probes, a sample conditioning system, an analyzer distribution panel, and multiple analyzers.

Our team delivers, installs, and commissions the entire system to ensure each component is functioning well.


The quality within these systems is experienced at each level, especially you as a utility-paying individual.



Large capacity Control Valve Skid

  • Bi-Directional Control Valve Setting

    Bi-Directional Control Valve Setting

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This large capacity bi-directional control valve skid with parallel runs, bypass, and OPP is one part of a large meter setting project.  One direction is feeding local production into a transmission system.  The alternate direction will feed a power generating station.

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Flow Conditioning

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Here is an interesting photograph of the upstream section of a 12 inch ultrasonic meter run – one of several meter settings fabricated in the Valtronics Solutions’ Fab Shop – prior to flow calibration.  This shows a flow conditioner and the smooth inside surface of specially honed pipe used for high performance custody transfer meter runs.

Directional changes of pipe throughout the meter setting cause turbulence and swirl which may cause inaccuracies during flow measurement.  A flow conditioner, with a precisely engineered design, conditions the flow profile of the gas for the most accurate measurement.

The complete meter setting and accompanying equipment is designed, fabricated, and tested in accordance with AGA and other applicable industry and company standards and guidelines, all to assure maximum accuracy and reliability when accounting for millions of dollars of natural gas at sales and interconnect points.

For more information on meter setting design, fabrication, and flow conditioning, contact a sales rep with Valtronics today.


6″ ANSI 600 Orifice Meter

  • Orifice Meter Setting

    Orifice Meter Setting

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This project, mounted on a structural steel support skid, is a 6 inch ANSI 600 bi-directional orifice meter setting with block valves and a bypass.  It also includes a 6 x 4 inch ANSI 600 control valve setting with OPP monitor.


12″ Ultrasonic Meters

  • 12

    12" Ultrasonic Meters

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Our latest project includes (5) 12″ Seniorsonic Ultrasonic ANSI 600 Meter Settings with 30″ headers and pneumatically actuated run sequencing valves as well as (2) 4″ ANSI 600 Ultrasonic Meter Settings with 8″ headers and pneumatically actuated run sequencing valves.

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