Here is an interesting photograph of the upstream section of a 12 inch ultrasonic meter run – one of several meter settings fabricated in the Valtronics Solutions’ Fab Shop – prior to flow calibration.  This shows a flow conditioner and the smooth inside surface of specially honed pipe used for high performance custody transfer meter runs.

Directional changes of pipe throughout the meter setting cause turbulence and swirl which may cause inaccuracies during flow measurement.  A flow conditioner, with a precisely engineered design, conditions the flow profile of the gas for the most accurate measurement.

The complete meter setting and accompanying equipment is designed, fabricated, and tested in accordance with AGA and other applicable industry and company standards and guidelines, all to assure maximum accuracy and reliability when accounting for millions of dollars of natural gas at sales and interconnect points.

For more information on meter setting design, fabrication, and flow conditioning, contact a sales rep with Valtronics today.