Analytically Accurate® Solutions

Product Integration throughout the Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Industries.

Valtronics® Solutions is a unique system integrator providing turnkey measurement solutions for the Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) industries. Using industry leading elements from partner suppliers of metering and analytical equipment and its sister company Mustang Sampling for sample conditioning systems, Valtronics is able to provide Analytically Accurate Technology and Solutions for enclosures, metering skids, instrument panels and complex analyzer buildings.

Natural Gas
Natural gas occurs “naturally” underground and is comprised of a mixture of components, usually primarily methane with other light hydrocarbons and inorganic compounds.  The chemical analysis of natural gas is necessary to understand the processes required to safely transform the gas into a useable fuel, and to determine its monetary value.  Prior to analysis, natural gas must be made suitable for introduction into analysis equipment (analyzers), a process known commonly as “sample conditioning.”

Mustang Sampling Analytically Accurate® systems for sample conditioning within the Natural Gas industry.  Each product or system is specifically designed to transport a natural gas sample from the pipeline to the analyzer(s) without changing the composition of the sample itself.  This “representative” sample is then used for the analysis of the natural gas composition for monetary value (custody transfer), compliance, or safety.

Natural Gas Liquids
Natural Gas Liquids are found naturally within natural gas formations but change physical states (gas, liquid, or solid) depending upon the pressure and temperature.  The state within the reservoir at very high pressures and temperatures may be different than the same composition at the surface of the well.  Safe handling and appropriate processing of Natural Gas Liquids requires intimate knowledge of phase behavior and control.

Mustang Sampling is an industry pioneer and a leading provider of Analytically Accurate® systems for Natural Gas Liquids.  Each product or system is specially designed to transport a natural gas liquid sample from the pipeline to the analyzer(s) without changing the composition of the sample itself, regardless of phase.  Mustang Sampling achieves this by controlling the phase transition using a specially designed vaporizing system.

Liquefied Natural Gas
Liquefied Natural Gas is a cryogenic liquid form of natural gas with most of the heavy components removed (it is predominantly methane with some ethane, propane, and nitrogen).  The liquefaction of natural gas allows its transportation over long distances without pipelines, typically using ships, rail, or trucks.  The global trade of LNG is expected to double in the next ten years as natural gas exceeds 25% of global energy sources.  LNG is used to supplement natural gas distribution systems (which typically rely on pipeline supplies), to generate electrical power, for meeting peak demands, and as engine fuel.

The energy content of LNG varies considerably depending on the composition of the source gas as well as the process used to convert the gas to a liquid.  Additionally, the average energy value of a bulk container of LNG changes with time, or ages, since the methane evaporates at a different rate than the other components.  These facts in combination with the difficulties associated with any cryogenic fluid (LNG has a boiling point of -162°C) make LNG an unusual and very challenging liquid to measure.

Valtronics Solutions together with Mustang Sampling have a long history of LNG sampling, starting with efforts to import LNG into the United States during the 90’s.  The companies continues to provide best-in-class technologies for small and large scale LNG custody transfer.  The patented Mustang Sampling Vaporizer provides the core for a variety of sample conditioning systems suitable for cryogenic service.