Brad Massey accepts position as Technical Systems Specialist for Mustang Sampling

Brad Massey

Brad will be responsible for spearheading Mustang Sampling’s sample conditioning educational training within the Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industries throughout the United States.

Houston, TX – February 08, 2019– Mustang Sampling the innovator of Analytically Accurate® Technology and Solutions within sample conditioning systems announces Brad Massey as Technical Systems Specialist. Massey will be responsible for spearheading Mustang Sampling’s sample conditioning educational training as well as providing technical guidance within the Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industries.

In 2018 Mustang Sampling set forth an initiative to increase the understanding and knowledge of gas sampling, measurement and analysis. Kenneth Thompson, President of Mustang Sampling commented, “Over the past five years we have seen a knowledge gap in the industry as well as a shortage of technicians skilled in gas sampling and analysis. The recent uptick in LNG export seems to have created an even wider knowledge gap of sampling techniques for large scale custody transfer, especially those requiring stable sample time recognition. We are receiving an influx of requests for training and as a company committed to safety within the Natural Gas industry, it only makes sense for us as to take on the roll as educator.”

Education is critical for successful custody transfer measurement and although equally important to flow measurement, gas sampling is often overlooked.  Without accurate sampling and subsequent analysis, proper custody transfer measurement is not possible. In order to meet the training needs of the industry Mustang Sampling is unveiling its new Mustang Sampling Mobile Training Lab (MTL) in early spring of 2019. The new mobile training lab is a comprehensive, working model that facilitates hands-on experience for engineers and technicians unfamiliar with gas sample conditioning. The MTL houses systems for Natural Gas, LNG and NGL including various analyzers from Rosemount Analytical, SpectraSensors, Applied Analytics, ZEGAS, and ABB.

Brad brings with him over 40 years of industry experience from many roles within Williams and Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline. His fruitful career has gained him the recognition as a subject matter expert in Gas Measurement Systems. “We are excited to have Brad Massey onboard with us. We have invested the time and resources necessary on the new Mustang Sampling Mobile Training Lab to make sure it contains the latest technology for gas measurement and analysis.  This will be an invaluable tool with Brad at the helm. Brad is also a well-respected mentor to the younger generation of technicians.  We could not have asked for a better time for Brad join us,” commented Kevin Warner, Chief Technology Officer for Mustang Sampling.

Massey is continuously enhancing his knowledge base by keeping up with the latest advancements within the industry through various industry measurement training courses and will remain heavily involved in industry organizations.  His credentials include: American Gas Association, Past member of Transmission Measurement Committee, TMC Chair 2008, and Chaired effort for developing white paper for “Industry Measurement Technician Training and Development Guidelines”; Served on initial API 14.1 Gas Sampling working group; International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement committee Member, General Committee Chair in 2012 and Current Executive Committee Chairman for 2019 School; 2002 Memorial Award Winner for Best Industry Paper “Sample Conditioning and Contaminant Removal for Water Vapor Dew Point Determination”; Past Member and Chair of Liberal Gas Measurement Institute; Proposed the original idea and helped establish the  “Midwest Measurement Society’s Industry Standards Roundtable” as well as serving in various SGA/JIP initiatives and Committee Chairman for Development of an Industry Gas Measurement Technician Training Curriculum.