Valtronics® Inc. was founded by Walter F. Gerhold in 1985 alongside Ken Thompson who held the position of Vice President.  In 1986 Ken Thompson was offered the opportunity to become a co-owner of Valtronics Inc. In the late 1980 through the turn of the century Valtronics was mainly a manufacturer’s representative and stocking distributor.  In 1990 Walter Gerhold retired and sold the company to Ken and Brenda Thompson.

Over the past 30 years the company has grown and manifested into what is now Valtronics Solutions, Valtronics® Sales and Mustang Sampling®.

Valtroincs Solutions is a diverse manufacturing and services company within the natural gas, liquefied natural gas, natural gas liquids, petroleum, and chemical industries. We provide skids including gas measurement and control systems, monitoring equipment, automation, cabinets, and complete analyzer buildings.